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World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic announced the beginning of the closed beta testing of the add-on
The developers of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic announced the beginning of the closed beta testing of the add-on. Now players have access to content up to level 64. Blizzard will send out invitations gradually, but so far, content producers and a small portion of players have gained access to the MMORPG. You can sign up for the beta test on the official WoW website, and download the client using the app.

Currently, beta access is limited to only the lucky few out of the thousands of registrants around the world. However, new waves of players are expected to follow in the coming weeks. In fact, it is still possible to register and hope to get a preview access to Burning Crusade Classic. If you want to try your luck, go to this address.

A start announced before the time?
However, the launch of this test phase saw some twists and turns. After a technical issue caused by the appearance of a "beta" button in the launcher of some players, many thought that it would be launched on March 22. The information was quickly denied on the Twitter account of develore, a community manager working for Blizzard. But the launch did take place, on the night of March 23 to 24.

Even if you have not yet been selected for the beta, it is worth waiting and continuing to cheer for a few more days, as players are being invited in stages.

If you already played the WoW Classic before this expansion, you can choose whether to keep your characters in the base game, or import them into the new expansion, which will be available free of charge to all WoW subscribers with an active monthly fee.

If you have a character on the WoW Classic servers, then you can decide his fate: leave him in limbo forever or continue his Burning Crusade Classic adventures. If you decide on the first option, the game will remain in the "Shadow of the Necropolis" version.

Installing and Configuring Burning Crusade Classic
  •     Update your graphics drivers
  •     Launch; you may have to update it too
  •     Select World of Warcraft, in Game Version click on Burning Crusade
  •     Install the add-on
  •     After the installation is complete, select any test server
  •     Create a new character or transfer an existing one from WoW Classic
  •     Enjoy

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