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Ways to become a werewolf in the Elder Scrolls Online
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Unlike the craven vampires that must feed to control themselves, werewolves can transform at will using a special unlockable ultimate ability. Werewolves run faster and use stamina to unleash their deadly claw attacks. See why it’s good (or bad) to become a werewolf with the guide below.

1: Infection Sites

Like vampires, PVE werewolf mobs will appear in high-level zones (The Rift, etc) and their attacks will eventually infect the player with Sanies Lupinus.

Once infected, a new quest will appear in your journal called “Hircine’s Gift” — completing it allows you to cure the disease, or become a full-fledged werewolf.

2: Other Players

Werewolf active skills use stamina, and there is no obvious weakness to Werewolf players. Unlike Vampires, they do not have to feed, but they must build ultimate points to take advantage of their skills.

Beware — werewolves are weak to Fighter’s Guild skills. We don’t exactly know if Fighter’s Guild buffs against Werewolves work while untransformed, but it’s safe to say that they do.
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