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Wargaming has a whole month of updates and events planned for World of Tanks
Today, Wargaming has announced that they have added the twelfth nation to World of Tanks: Mercenaries: Italy as part of Update 4.9. A new line with the Ariete Progotto, with a tech tree coming later this month. Player's will also be able to enjoy the return of the console-exclusive real-time-strategy mode, and a new in-game event 'The Luck of the Irish' starting March 15 to celebrate St. Patrick's day, with the celebration going to the 17th.

Update 4.9 introduces a 12th nation to the game: Italy. While the nation's Tech Tree won't arrive until later on in the month, the Tier VIII Premium Italian hero tank Ariete Progetto has arrived today. The tank comes with a new Italian auto-reloader, which can hold multiple shells at once that reload automatically one shell at a time until the clip is full. Each shell can be fired without waiting for the full clip to be reloaded. The update also includes a number of gameplay improvements and bug fixes, such as more control over replay highlights, new camouflages, and two returning maps — Berlin Winter and Icebound. And if you want to Buy WOT Gold, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Today also marks the return of Commander Mode where players take on the role of the Commander as they get a birds-eye view of the battlefield and nine tanks in their control. Armed with unlimited ammo, tanks can be controlled individually or as groups as they battle for victory. Alternatively, players can assume the role of a Tanker and team up with up to five more players to take down the Commander. The return of the mode comes with a few changes, such as mouse and keyboard support, unit possession, better controls for players using controllers, additional ways to command units, a line of sight indicator, and a new battlefield. Like before, the mode is only available for a limited amount of time until March 11th.

Starting today, the third and last phase of the Winter Games campaign will be active. Players can earn 30 tiers of rewards from in-game operations, including Gold and Silver, XP Boosts, free experience, and exclusive Medals. Players who complete the campaign will receive a discount on the Thunderbolt, an upcoming Premium Tank.
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