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There is no dungeon browser or LFG tool in WoW Classic
There is no dungeon browser or LFG tool in WoW Classic. Therefore, most people look in the trading chat of the capitals or use the official search-by-group channel. There are, however, two more ways to find players for his cause. For this you have to join unofficial channels.

In our short guide to the search-for-group channel in WoW Classic (buy now for € 12.99), we've already shown you how to bypass the annoying trading chat spam for groups for dungeons. In addition to the official search-for-group chat, there are two other unofficial channels that you should absolutely join in WoW Classic. First, there is the LFG chat. You can do that by typing / join LFG into the chat. Just like with the official LFG-Channel you have the possibility to follow the group search even if you are not in the capital, where most of the trading channel was looking for players.

Here are some players who are used by private servers to use an unofficial search-by-group channel or have not yet discovered the official function of our short guide. The World Channel is probably already in use by most ex-private server players and is even more important than the LFG channel. Type in / join World in the chat.

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The World Channel is there for what it says. Here players are also looking for groups, but especially for quests, announcements for upcoming world buffs by Onyxia's head, e.g. or help if you go back. This is where more than the group search flows together, who still needs a certain class for a dungeon or raid, but will still find something here.

When using the World and LFG channels, in addition to the spam, which has nothing in common with the channel, you have to accept that this is a player-created chat channel, and therefore one important rule is: Owners of the channel (and so on all rights of the channel enabled) is always the player who is the longest of all other users online. If such a Fiesling should be owner of the channel and rausschmeißt everyone, you just have to join them again just. It is best to set up a separate chat tab for these two channels.

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