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There are four available classes to choose from in The Elder Scrolls Online
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There are a total of four available classes to choose from in ESO, and they are the Dragonknight, Nightblade, Sorcerer, and Templar. Each class is very different from the rest, but you still have a ton of customization options regardless of which one you choose.

    1. Dragonknight: The warrior, capable of dealing high amount of AoE damage, as well as single target damage. DKs are well-versed in the art of damage and tanking, but not as effective in a support role.

   2. Sorcerer: The mage, capable of unleashing powerful crowd control
effects, and ranged magic damage to multiple foes. The Sorcerer class is definitely not an ideal choice for a tank, but they can be the most disruptive force in PvP, and deal massive amounts of damage in any situation.

    3. Templar: The paladin, capable of just about anything, whether it be healing and buffing enemies, or on the front lines of battle. Templar’s are known for being the most versatile class in ESO, which can make the game’s fully customizable skill allocation a lot of fun if you enjoy experimentation.

   4. Nightblade: The rogue, capable of stealth and heavy burst damage to single targets. As a Nightblade, players are able to assume the role of either DPS or Tank, depending on your armor and build.
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