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The pre-expansion patch incorporates core systems from Burning Crusade Classic
In preparation for the worldwide launch of Burning Crusade Classic on June 1, Blizzard has already released the pre-expansion patch, which features several fundamental systems, including the possibility for players to create bloody and draeneous elf characters.

The pre-expansion patch incorporates core systems from Burning Crusade Classic, such as the option to create blood elf and draenei characters, ahead of the game's global release on June 1.

For a limited time, players will also be able to participate in the pre-launch event, Battle for the Dark Portal, which will unleash Highlord Kruul and a horde of invading demons on Azeroth.
Starting today, the following items are added to WoW Classic:
  •     Choose Your Era: Players will be able to choose, for each of their characters, whether they prefer to advance to Burning Crusade Classic or continue their adventures in the Age of Classic.
  •     New Playable Races: Silvermoon Blood Elves and Exodar Draenei are now playable from level 1 in their respective starting areas.
  •     New Profession: You can now learn the art of jewelry and raise it to level 300.
  •     New Talent System: Players can explore the changing talent trees of their characters and try out new strategies and abilities.

In other Burning Crusade Classic news - Blizzard has already distributed a fix to live servers following yesterday's pre-patch launch. This fix fixes issues with increased Druid and Warlock characters. Additionally, the fix fixes several items, PvP, quests, professions, and raid issues. We have included the release notes for this fix below:

The Burning Crusade Classic May 19 Update
  •     Character Boosted Warlocks will now have pets that earn Grimoire spells.
  •     Powered by Character Boost, Druids now learn Hurricane Rank 2. Those who do not have it can find out by logging into Orgrimmar, Stormwind or Thunder Bluff.
  •     Supercharged Chronoboon Displacer will no longer be removed when entering an arena.
  •     Reawakened Phase-Hunter mount now has the correct level requirement of 30.

As reported by player Kickinwing96, we also point out that Blizzard has slightly changed the offer relating to the characters that will be automatically upgraded to level 58 through the Dark Portal Pass.

In fact, once the pass is purchased, among the various "pluses" that we will receive on our character there will no longer be bags of 14 slots (as previously announced by Blizzard) but of 12, a slight "nerf" to the total ability to accumulate items that however, the substance of the package does not change.

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