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The Elder Scrolls Online is a nicely lit game
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The Elder Scrolls Online is a nicely lit game, with an unusually detailed look for an MMO, and the client seems stable and well optimised, running smoothly even at ultra-high settings.

Each quest is a rounded story, a neatly designed mini-saga of some 40 or 60 minutes' length, with a beginning, middle and end. Yet their pacing is broken as they keep bumping up against the walls of numbers the game's MMO underpinnings erect in their path - numbers that, in the offline Elder Scrolls games, would invisibly adjust themselves out of the way.

For many players, the promise of an MMO without padding will be worth the slightly slow and lumpy ride. Others - and I'm only a little sheepish to count myself among them - might find themselves missing the soothing monotony and steady-as-she goes progress of ESO's peers, whether it's World of Warcraft's hypnotic grind and refined item game, or Guild Wars 2's fast-paced rush of flowing multiplayer events. More to the point, if a game is going to throw it out altogether, it will need to make deeper revisions to those MMO foundations than The Elder Scrolls Online does.
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