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The Elder Scrolls Online character creation: The Hero
Ever since its inception, The Elder Scrolls Online has tried to service the demands of two, very different audiences. Die-hard ‘Scrolls fans who demand depth and the ability to go it alone, and MMO enthusiasts who crave a constant flow of fresh, exciting adventures to share with friends (and, sure, enemies). Unfortunately, ESO bears the scars of that tension, in that the interaction between its storyline and its MMO elements causes both to suffer. The result is an inconsistent blend that exists in the place where mediocrity meets competence.

On paper, this game nails the basics of a proper Elder Scrolls title. Many series trademarks, like starting off as a prisoner, an elaborate character creation tool, and--oddly enough--basic quest design, make the move to MMO fairly well. Sadly, it's missing the unbridled liberty of its single-player counterparts. Instead of the series’ iconic open worlds and emphasis on exploration, you find areas effectively blocked off by high-level monsters. Instead of exploring that space alone and feeling that you’re someone chosen for a special journey by the powers that be, you shuffle along the same paths as everyone else.

The individual races have been allotted to one of the three factions in the game.

    Aldmeri Dominion - This faction groups High Elves, Wood Elves and Khajit
    Ebonheart Pact - This faction groups Argonians, Nords and Dark Elves
    Daggerfall Covenant - This faction groups Bretons, Orks and Redguards

Each of the races has four classes to choose from:

    Dragonknight - is the offensive Tank that wields additional magic. He works well while taking on a lot of damage and casting buffs onto his allies.

    Sorcerer - The typical mage class. Can be used to reinforce allies and to summon monsters to fight on your side. Also, has abilities to cast debuffs on enemies, which ensures advantage in the battlefield. Also works well while wielding magic of four elements.

    Nightblade - The rogue. The abilities of this class are centered around sneaking and planning the attack. Ideal for eliminating individual enemies silently.

    Templar - As a templar, you can play in any way. Has healing skills, deals magical and physical damage. This is a self-sufficient class. Just like in the case of the Sorcerer, the most important change is reaching the ability to swap weapons (starting with level 15).
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