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The Burning Crusade expansion, from WoW Classic, receives adjustments and new level cap
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic is currently in beta testing ahead of its upcoming launch, and players may have noticed an increase in the level cap. It was previously 64, but has now been pushed to 68.

Although most of the changes were more technical, players will now have the opportunity to develop their characters up to level 68, since the level cap has been changed. In addition, the way certain skills work has been changed, which may take some players getting used to. To top it off, Blizzard gave some very early information about a level boost that is being prepared for those who want to evolve more quickly (paying for it, of course). Finally, The Burning Crusade expansion continues to be improved and has everything to keep veterans of the WoW world busy.

Major content additions
The new 9.1 update will bring about a new raid, mega-dungeons, more story quests, and a brand new subzone to explore in the Maw. That is the general gist of what is to come. Unfortunately, we have no idea about the intricate details of the new content.

Some of the uncertainties should clear up once players jump into the PTR that’s coming in about two weeks from now. Even then, it could be some time before the actual launch of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Chains of Domination arrives though. Previous major patches included beta testing that took two to three months.

Aside from bumping up the level cap, the update also introduces a damage cap for AoE spells to prevent boosting and AoE farming. The beta update also fixes several broken items, spells and abilities, quests, visuals, and UI.

The change was announced via a post on Blizzard's forums (via WoWHead) which, among other things, brought a number of bug fixes to the beta. The Burning Crusade Classic began its beta last week and players flocked to the next evolution of World of Warcraft Classic, to relive the first expansion of the MMO, even though it is now in a beta.

The world is still far from normal though, and remote development work is carrying on due to the pandemic. Thus, a slightly longer wait is more than understandable. Even World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was delayed at some point. However, for players getting a little bored of the content despite new updates, the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Chains of Domination beta should whet the appetite once more.

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