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R2M has been released in the Google Play store and the Apple App Store

R2M Diamonds Webzen will start the official service of the MMORPG'R2M (Reign of Revolution Mobile)' at 00 o'clock from August 24 (Mon) to August 25 (Tue). 'R2M' will be released simultaneously in the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

This work is a title that utilizes the IP of the MMORPG "R2 (Reign of Revolution)" for PCs which was launched in Korea in 2006. The core members involved in the PC version have been appointed as the production staff and the core content of the original "power and battle" and gameplay have been developed according to the smartphone environment.


In commemoration of the addition of the season dungeon “Heraken's Garden” a quest achievement event where special goods and materials can be obtained in the game and a “real hero level achievement event” will be held for high-level characters. In addition it plans to encourage the use of the game by preparing an attendance check event for Chuseok which provides a reinforcement order form and transformation/servant draw tickets for 7 days.

In addition the operation policy is subdivided through the revision of the game operation policy which takes effect on October 8 (Thu). Webzen plans to revise its operating policy and strengthen crackdowns to more closely examine behaviors that hinder fair game use and take corresponding measures.

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