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Psyonix has lowered the prices on most Rocket League's new Blueprints
One week after Rocket League’s “Blueprints” update removed the game’s random loot crates, the in-game prices of those blueprints are getting an across-the-board cut, and players are even receiving differential refunds for the ones they picked up in the past week.

Psyonix announced the new rate structure in a community note today, acknowledging that the first pricing scheme “did not meet community expectations.” But in the Blueprints’ first week, players blanched at the high cost of some items — including ones costing 1,000 or 2,000 credits. Rocket League’s credits are a premium currency that roughly equals $1 per 100. If you are in lack of Rocket League Prices, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

Today, Psyonix has lowered the prices on most Blueprints, which I suspected might happen. The price of Black Market items—which are the most desired—hasn't changed, however. They still cost 2,000-plus Credits, which can be purchased for $20 if you buy two packs of 1,100, or $25 if you splurge on 3,000 Credits and keep the leftovers for something else. Every other rarity, however, is cheaper. Here are the new prices:

    Rare: 50-100 Credits
    Very Rare: 100-200 Credits
    Import: 300-500 Credits
    Exotic: 700-800 Credits
    Most Paint Colors: 50-200 additional Credits
    Burnt Sienna: 0 additional Credits
    Titanium White: 100-500 additional Credits
    Special Editions: 200-400 additional Credits

Ignoring the discount when you buy large amounts of Credits, the conversion is about $1 per 100 credits. That puts unpainted Exotic items at $7 to $8, with another $0.50 to $5 tacked on for painted variants. For comparison, Exotics were $16 before the change.

Finally, for purchases that were made until today at 3 p.m. EST, Psyonix will add credits to players’ accounts equal to the difference in the new cost of the items they acquired. In other words, items bought for more money two days ago will get their owners a credits refund, now that the item is cheaper for others who haven’t bought it.
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