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Outriders is a game in the throes of an identity crisis
Outriders is a game in the throes of an identity crisis. It's an interesting amalgamation of Gears of War, Destiny, and Bulletstorm, with gameplay that oscillates between surprising and same-y. It has moments of rare beauty, offering up sweeping vistas of gorgeous alien monoliths surrounded by swirling blue clouds, and then it has you trudge through seven hours' worth of muddy brown landscapes. There are flashes of variety mixed with pangs of repetition.

Outriders is at its best when you’re blasting your way through hordes of bad guys with a couple of friends. Gunfights are frenzied affairs that leave battlefields literally coated with blood, and there’s something morbidly hilarious about seeing a whole-ass ribcage rolling through a skirmish like a bony tumbleweed – and that borderline cartoonish, over-the-top violence is really accentuated in multiplayer. Each of the four classes has strengths, weaknesses, and skill sets familiar to class-based action games – except for the fact that here they’re all primarily focused on dealing damage (of the 32 unlockable class skills in Outriders, only two have healing abilities). Still, each compliments the others in more interesting ways than something like the standard healer would. I genuinely can’t remember the last game that could make me cackle as hard as when my earth-bending Devastator combos a Gravity Leap with a Trickster’s Stasis Bubble, creating a slow-mo fountain of bad guy chunks.

When it comes to the overall gameplay experience, Outriders absolutely shines. While I initially found player mobility and weapon fluidity significantly floatier than genre contemporaries like The Division 2 or Destiny 2, I eventually appreciated the speed this offered during enemy encounters. With elements of cover-based shooting, waves of viciously aggressive monsters, and AI programmed to flank at all costs, this ease of maneuverability allowed me to stay agile in combat. As someone who isn't always the biggest fan of hunkering down in cover waiting for a chance to take the occasional potshot, I really appreciated Outrider's emphasis on player movement.

But the real good stuff comes as you find and build better gear, and here Outriders makes some smart adjustments to the traditional looter-shooter formula. Its World Tiers, which are Outriders’ 15 difficulty levels, are a good workaround for insurmountable challenge spikes that might discourage you in other co-op loot grinds, and its crafting options offer a wide range of character builds.

Seriously though, for a game about cutting loose with godlike powers, I have no idea why Outriders is so horizontal. Every arena is an uneventful grid of waist-high cover straight out of Xbox 360-era Gears of War (a series People Can Fly worked on extensively), right down to the way that every player character is firmly glued to the ground. A nice floaty jump would pair perfectly with my Trickster's teleportation build or the Pyromancer's fireballs.

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