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Glu debuts new Dash game with Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay
These days, if a celebrity launches their own game, it is likely with Glu Mobile. Known for their free-to-play mobile games, the publicly traded company lists more than 100 games, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Transformers, Guitar Hero and Deer Hunter. But since late 2014, the team has moved away from building known gaming titles to new personalized star-focused franchises. After topping gaming charts with Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and other celebrity rise-to-fame games, Glu Mobile has now partnered with chef Gordon Ramsay to add a celebrity spin to their already popular Dash series.

According to Ramsay, a self-proclaimed control freak, Glu understood that he wanted to have input into every aspect of the game. “This wasn’t a label slap or something they just put my name too. You’ll see the traits, the level of intuition, and competitiveness.” Ramsay serves as your chef mentor and, as you might expect, he isn’t always easy to please. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Restaurant Dash Gordon Ramsay Items, you can visit our website

Gordon Ramsay DASH is the latest in celebrity tie-in games from Glu Mobile, which previously struck app store gold in 2014 with the release of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Kim K's celebrity lifestyle simulator has reportedly netted Glu over $100 million dollars since its release, with Kim herself putting possibly 45 percent of that profit into her pocket. Or purse? With that kind of money, she can have as many purses and dresses with pockets as she wants. And all it took was licensing her image, recording a few lines of dialogue, and occasionally shooting a little video message to app users. It is simply a chump move for an enterprising celeb to turn down the chance to make some fat bank off of in-app purchases.

“Mobile gaming is a really exciting space to be in right now and something I’ve wanted to be involved with since I saw my kids playing them on their smartphones. It was very important to me that the game accurately portray the challenges, intensity, accomplishments, and excitement that comes along with rising up the ranks in the restaurant business,” said Gordon Ramsay. “The game looks brilliant and I hope everyone has as much fun playing it as we did making it!”
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