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Genshin Impact prohibits Taiwan and Hong Kong via in game chat

Genshin Impact Acquaint Fate Account In the latest example of censorship imposed by China gamers on Tuesday (Oct. 6) noticed that the action role-playing game Genshin Impact is censoring the words "Taiwan" and "Hong Kong."

Ahmad has pointed out that MiHoYo is a Chinese company. Not only that but the developer and publisher of the game is based in Mainland China. As such it is held to the rules imposed by China's laws and its games regulator and they clearly state that titles cannot include "Anything that threatens China's national unity."

 Genshin Impact

As a Chinese mainland company MiHoYo’s hands may be tied on this one as it attempts to adhere to regulations set in place by a government that heavily censors against anything that may be seen as a threat to “Chinese national unity.” That said it’s also worth noting that as Genshin Impact adheres to Chinese law to exist in the first place it’s popularity may very well find it at the center of ongoing controversies regarding the country and its economic Genshin Impact Acquaint Fate Account for sale political and military interactions.

Genshin Impact‘s chat filter appears to be MiHoYo’s attempt to prevent the Chinese government’s mighty banhammer from coming crashing down. For the game’s players the question becomes one of whether or not they’re happy to play by the Chinese government censor’s rules.

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