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Fans Are Not Happy With Rocket League’s Outrageous Blueprint Prices
We’ve extensively covered Rocket League’s removal of loot crates as it introduced its new Blueprint system to make purchasing more transparent. But now that Blueprints are here, fans are not happy. Rocket League’s Reddit has many users complaining about the latest update’s high prices on cosmetic items. Blueprints were implemented to replace Loot Boxes, giving buyers a clear indication as to what they’d be getting, while eliminating the random nature found previously. When the game’s new pricing system was first detailed, it was unclear how much you could get with each in-game credit. Now that the update has gone live, it’s a lot more clear that non-randomized cosmetic items come at quite the price.

Blueprints were known to be a way of replacing loot crates to offer players even more transparency in what they would be purchasing. It was also a way to ensure the game wasn’t caught up in the loot box controversy that has been gaining more popularity throughout the years.

Pro players too have raised concerns about the pricing of items and the new Credits system as a whole. G2’s Dillon ‘Rizzo’ Rizzo says that the update “fucking blows” and doesn’t agree with the cost of some of the items. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Rocket League Items For Sale.

He also points out that the Rocket Pass offers a total of 1,000 Credits for players to earn as they move up the tiers, the same amount it costs to buy the Pass initially. This means that to “break even” you would have to fully complete the Pass. The developer behind Rocket League, Psyonix, is yet to comment on the reaction to the changes.

While a select few have welcomed the change, most of the community is pretty upset with the outrageous DLC prices the store is asking for certain Blueprints, such as the equivalent of $24.99 for a simple goal explosion. The Rocket League subreddit has seen most of the outcry, with some players even joking there is a bug which added an extra zero to all of the prices. Another player pointed out many of the single items cost more than the game itself. There was an entire micro-economy built around players trading Crates and Keys, and some fans are speculating that the change is a simple money grab by the developers so they can charge players for items themselves instead of letting them charge each other.
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