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ESO Dungeon Guide: Spindlekin Boss Guide & Swarm Mother Boss Guide
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The Elder Scrolls Online is set in 2E 582 during the Interregnum, a period of time where no record of the chaos and destruction happening at the time, had survived. The Daedric Prince Molag Bal and his followers have taken advantage of this instability and the Daedric Prince seeks to meld the plane of Mundus with his own plane of Oblivion known as Coldharbour into a single, nightmarish hellscape. This is achieved by sending enormous Dark Anchors into Tamriel, as well as portals to Oblivion called Dark Fissures to summon even more forces of Daedra into Tamriel. This event is known as the Planemeld. Since there is no legitimate Emperor on the Ruby Throne, the Dragonfires in the Imperial City are left shattered, resulting in the breaking of the covenant between Alessia and Akatosh, thus destroying the barriers between Mundus and Oblivion.

Spindleclutch is the first play-able instance dungeon for members of the Daggerfall Covenant. This dungeon is located in the zone of Glenumbra, and is recommended for players in the level range of 12 – 15.

Spindleclutch – Spindlekin Boss Guide
Our first encounter in this instance will be Spindlekin, this is a spider fight with a lot of adds. The strategy should be to down the adds as quickly as possible, and then focus all damage on the boss — however, he will spawn adds periodically throughout the fight, so make sure to deal with those accordingly. Spindlekin will also target random party members with a venom attack which requires healing, as well as a web snare that can root players in place.

Spindleclutch – Swarm Mother Boss Guide
Next up we have a very similar fight, except there are no adds initially, but they will spawn periodically just like the last fight — make sure you take care of adds before focusing the boss! Besides spawning adds, Swarm Mother will also use a powerful attack on her main target, that deals a lot of damage and knocks the player back unless the attack is blocked. She will also target random players in the group with a charge attack, it isn’t usually fatal, but healers should be aware so they can top that person off immediately after.
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