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Escape from Tarkov should be coming to Steam
Escape from Tarkov is a game that not many people may have been aware of a couple of months ago, but it's quickly becoming one of the hottest games in the world. Escape from Tarkov's popularity on Twitch and other streaming platforms has seen the game reach new heights, with more interested in playing the game than ever before.

However, some fans may be confused when they get on Steam and realize that Escape from Tarkov is nowhere to be found. As it so happens, Escape from Tarkov is not currently available on Valve's digital distribution platform. Anyone that wants to play Escape from Tarkov needs to purchase it from the game's website directly, though that doesn't mean a Steam release won't happen eventually.

The clearest evidence is from a 2016 interview with WCCFTech, in which developer Pavel Dyatlov says that the game will come to Steam once it reaches 1.0. "We will first release the game on our platform and then we will launch on Steam, that's the plan," Dyatlov said, also mentioning that the game could come to consoles after its PC release.

Escape From Tarkov has remained in early access much longer than originally planned, however, and a year ago players on Reddit speculated that the game has not released on Steam because the developers would receive a lot of refund requests over the state the game was in. More recently, however, consensus among players has been that while the game is in better shape, the developers will still likely only release to Steam once the game is complete.

The FAQ on the Escape from Tarkov page suggests that the game will receive a testing phase on Steam, but it has not been updated since 2015. With all of this in mind, we believe that the game will eventually release on Steam, when it's complete... but that might be a while away yet. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy Escape from Tarkov Dollars from at a reasonable price.
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