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eFootball PES 2021 Season Update still attempts to create some value for returning players
Every year consumers are faced with the choice of usually buying one of two football franchises, PES or FIFA. These annualised franchises are the stalwarts of the soccer scene, both of which have in their own way managed to perfect their game engines over subsequent years of tweaks and adjustments. What looms however, is a more daunting task, a task of leaping forward into the next generation with the chance to build something new from the ground up. In the meantime, we have the tasty starter to tuck into first before taking one giant leap for game-kind.

Fans often lament the fact that quite often annual sports franchises tend to lack innovation year to year. It’s a running joke to insinuate that the next big sports release is no more than a “roster update”. Some go as far as suggesting that all sports franchises should take on a more “games as service” approach. Why charge for a new game every year when a simple roster update would suffice?

Licensing has always been a point of debate when it comes to the PES series; sure, a good game is a good game, but when it comes to authenticity, I would rather play as my beloved Chelsea Football Club than the North London Blues. While players’ names and likenesses have always carried over, this sense of authenticity has always hurt the series in some places. PES 2021 isn’t there as of yet, but it’s definitely getting closer. Newly acquired licenses for multiple stadiums have allowed for greater establishing shots of each locale before kick-off, adding to the TV style presentation PES has always opted for, and done well. The recent acquisition of the Juventus Football Club has been an enormous boost for the franchise, highlighting one of the game’s best players in the process; Cristiano Ronaldo. On the bright side, the season update even brought over his man bun.

Not far behind is the presentation and matchday experience, something that truthfully needs to be completely rebuilt. The commentary is so outdated now that it’s almost laughable. If you’re not hearing repetitive lines, you’re just not hearing much at all. Matches have regular spells of dead air that leave you wondering if the game has glitched out. When Peter Drury or Jim Beglin finally emerge from the void it’s often to deliver a short generic burst of dialogue that doesn’t really tell you much more than what you’re seeing. Painted against the anecdotal commentary in 2K or Madden it makes you realise how far behind PES has fallen.

That said, eFootball PES 2021 Season Update still attempts to create some value for returning players. Of course playing with the most current rosters and mirroring current league events always has some level of draw to it. Unfortunately with the tumultuous state of sports in general this year, it’s harder than ever to stay on top of this.

Overall, it’s admittedly hard to say anything about PES 2021 that hasn’t been said over the course of PES 2020’s succesful outing last year. The tweaked gameplay elements feel great, and both graphical fidelity and presentation are better than ever. The constant live ecosystem of PES 2021 ensures that the most recent version of the footballing world will always be accessible, and the once again impressive MyClub mode has cemented itself as the definitive mode to lose yourself in. eFootball PES 2021: Season Update may not be the revelation fans were hoping for; but it’s a fine iteration nonetheless.

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