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Disney Plus is reportedly currently working on a television series based on Kingdom Hearts
A Kingdom Hearts TV series has been rumored for a while now, but for the first time this report has some credible backing. The rumor first circulated last night from a source that has a pretty hefty track-record of dishonest reporting. But as with any rumor, it sparked some digging and that digging has provided a few credible sources saying that a Kingdom Hearts TV show is in the works and will be coming exclusively to Disney+.

Emre Kaya, writer for The Cinema Spot, tweeted that Disney originally had plans to make the show, but duties apparently shifted to Square Enix. The company has reportedly created a pilot episode using the Unreal Engine, the software used to build the video games. “This series is most likely not live-action, but CG animated. They're currently casting,” said Kaya.

The most recent pieces to this bigger puzzle came from a variety of entertainment journalists across industries, ones that have very credible backgrounds and sources. The Cinema Spot's Emre Kaya was among those citing a new TV series was on the way, saying that Square Enix created a pilot to pitch using the Unreal Engine, making it a CG animated adventure instead of the originally rumored live-action take. By the way, you can buy cheap Disney Plus Account Subscription from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “Z2U”.

Kaya claims that the information was originally due to be published as an exclusive report, but that changed due to other insiders knowing about the project. This seemingly encouraged others to add to the conversation, with MCUCosmic founder Jeremy Conrad also claiming that “it’s true”. The DisInsider editor-in-chief Skyler Shuler added more to the story, claiming that “Disney VO actors are expected to reprise their roles (Jim Cummings, Bill Farmer, Tony Anselmo)”.

Though not much else is known, as neither Disney nor Square Enix has made any announcements for a TV series, it will likely follow the basic premise of the game which has Sora, Donald, and Goofy travelling through various Disney worlds. As the series features both Disney and Final Fantasy characters, we might just get to see the likes of Sephiroth and Cloud in the TV series.
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