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Battleship Apollo is now in early access on Steam
A new sci-fi game from the three-person development team Parallel Space, Battleship Apollo is now in early access on Steam. The game is set in the same universe as Hades’ Star an MMO made by the same developers back in 2017. Battleship Apollo takes place two hundred years later and diverges from the strategic MMO aspects of its predecessor, in favor of a focus on real-time strategy and competitive multiplayer battles.

Players recruit huge battle ships, select support hunters and other special abilities for each ship, and lead them into exciting multiplayer battles. Specifically designed to be repeatable over months and years, BATTLESHIP APOLLO simplifies and deepens the traditional RTS experience with simple rules that are easy to learn but difficult to master across multiple multiplayer game modes.

Like Hades' Star, BATTLESHIP APOLLO was created by the same tiny core team of 3 developers. We are passionate about simple, beautiful sci-fi designs that focus exclusively on the strengths of the RTS genre: fun units and interesting interactions between them.

Battleship Apollo will feature six different battleships to choose from that offer different tactical advantages over one another. Additionally, the game will include twenty different modules that contain support fighters and abilities that can be used to defend your battleship or attack others. The game will also allow players to team up and interact with each other in the form of corporations that you can create or join. Matches will take around four minutes in order to complete, and the game’s interface was purposefully made simple so that players can easily experience the game on both PC and eventually mobile on both iOS and Android.

About parallel space
Parallel Space is a very small team of developers who previously worked at BioWare, Supercell and n-Space. Our belief in simplicity extends beyond our games and extends to our workplace as well. Hades ’Star and BATTLESHIP APOLLO were created and maintained for the long term, without scarcity and with a proactive effort to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

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