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Age of Wushu Dynasty will throw players into a cutthroat martial arts underworld known as Jianghu
Since Age of Wushu Dynasty was first announced, we were anticipating it with excitement due to its gorgeous graphics and its portrayal of the rich Chinese culture. Since it was first released in 2013 for PC, the game has been very well received by gamers. Coming from the extremely talented company with over 15 years of experience, Snail Games has entered the mobile industry with interesting titles such as Taichi Panda and Heroes of Gaia. In addition, they are well known in being innovators of several mobile technological products.

Age of Wushu Dynasty will throw players into a cutthroat martial arts underworld known as “Jianghu.” The gameplay will combine elements of the PC title along with Snail’s more recent mobile games like action dungeon crawler Taichi Panda.

Snail Games is setting themselves up as kung-fu games specialists. Who could forget their most recent effort “Taichi Panda” and all the awesomeness it brought? Now they want to bring popular PC game Age of Wushu to mobile – dubbing it “Age of Wushu Dynasty”, and hoping to give mobile gamers a good time in this martial arts adventure.

This title takes place in 15th century China. With the delicacy of the settings, the unique ambience of ancient China and the richness of the gameplay, Age of Wushu Dynasty allows you to explore a visually stunning virtual world! Players have the option of entering one of the five martial arts schools available: Shaolin, Emei, Wudang, Tangmen, and Imperial Guard. You can also learn the impressive movements of these schools: triple high jump, walk on water, climb on vertical walls ... Who will be the ultimate champion of Jianghu? Join a school, master the arts and start your Kungfu fire!

The 3D Martial Arts MMO stands out for its beautiful visuals and has been designed with the same formula of Taichi Panda. The fantasy world is based on medieval China’s Kung Fu era and the plot is based on a conspiratorial attack from trained assassins and foreign invaders against the Chinese Empire. You start the game by choosing your character. You can either select Master or Apprentice based on any of the four schools: Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, and Tangmen. The Shaolin school offers a male character only, while the the Emei school offers a female character only. The other two give you the choice to select a male or a female.

A vivid 3-D world has been painted with traditional Chinese styles, and the game features arenas, open player versus player combat, as well as guild wars. Utilizing the same game engine as Taichi Panda, Age of Wushu Dynasty is sure to be a gorgeous, action-packed game for all to enjoy.

Open world experience, Snail Game promises a unique plot per character, a balance based on skill and not level where the class as well as a rich system of choices and consequences with repercussions will shape the destiny of the player. Combat being at the heart of the game, 3 Chinese martial arts schools will be available at launch: Wudang, Emei and Tangmen. The rivalry between these disciplines will be transposed into the world of Age of Wushu Dynasty through a PvP mode.

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